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~ 12 Days/12 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues ~

Make the decision you're going to have a good Holiday.

Think about the days ahead and identify the difficult dates and events.
Include exercise to help you, even just walking.

Decide how you would like to spend your time.

Determine if you have the right people to share those plans with and initiate activities, including your rest time.

Arrange options for days when you don't want to be solo. Plan vacations, watch ball games, go to spas or retreats, organize your closet, do your hobby, garden, etc.

Graciously limit or turn down invitations from people that might cause you difficulty or stress you don't want.

Leave any event or situation that becomes too awkward or painful.
Make notes about what works and what doesn't for next time.
Listen to your crankiness.

Alcohol, drugs, sugar and sweets may make you depressed and fragile.
Avoid or keep your intake of them low.

Treat yourself with "TLC" (tender loving care), ask for more consideration from others, and ease your demands upon yourself.

As much as you can, only be with people who are caring and respectful towards you and you feel comfortable with.

Allow yourself to feel anger, fear, grief or other painful feelings without having your holiday happiness completely destroyed.

Remind yourself you decided you would have a good holiday season and evaluate your choices daily to increase the moments you do have joy in your life now and in your future.

~ Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ~



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