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Testimonial:   Rosalinda has been a tremendous asset to me during a very difficult time. She continues to draw out underlying issues and gives me the tools I need to continue to move forward. She doesn't let anything slip past her and gently doesn't let you avoid the topic. Her ARM Strategy has helped me change my pattern of communication, which has left me standing tall and strong in a situation that could have broken me down. I can't thank her enough for her support, encouragement and her candor.
E.B. March 2007

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Listening, Frustrations, Love and Reality

How well do you listen to those you "love" and how well do they listen to you? How would you answer that question? How would they answer that question about you?

You know the answer to that question by measuring how often you are frustrated and hurt with them, and how often they are frustrated and hurt with you. The more you are honest and deal with your true reality, the better your chances are of dealing with it constructively before it is too late. And divorce is only one way it is too late. Coma marriages, and business partner marriages and love relationships, are deadly lonely ways to live that none of us deserve.

It is unloving and disrespectful to not listen, especially to those you "love" and who you want to love you. It also destroys the relationship as you and they wish it to be. To reduce your frustration and pain frequency, and improve your life and be really loved and loving, decide to apply your actions and all your energy to doing what is necessary to listen, honor and really love them. And yourself. Ask the same from them but do not make this a competition. Let your own commitment and improvement of your listening and relationship behavior give them reason to listen to you. Or to know they really don't care about you. At least you'll know and be able to stop expecting what you'll never get from them. As very sad as that will feel, and I have personal experience with this sad truth, it gives you freedom to see how you wish to go forward with your life with that answer. You may want to stay in a marriage with someone who doesn't care about how they treat you. Some people do.

By the way, the first person you must listen to, love and respect is yourself. You will work at learning to do this well. You can book an appointment when you want to know more of my "Successful Life Wisdom(c)". I wish you well. You can reach me at 1.888.99.MENTOR or

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