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"My mother was a beautiful, intelligent, and kind woman. She never enjoyed happily Married For Life. When I was 11 years old my mother heard me say something disrespectful. She gently told me not to say disrespectful or unkind things about other people unless I wanted them to say disrespectful or unkind things about me, or someone I loved. I understood, and love her for that gift. I am dedicated to the beauty and passion of making movie love real for myself and others, as she would have wanted for herself."
Rosalinda O’Neill

Who is Rosalinda O’Neill?
Rosalinda O’Neill is a loving, passionate and strong woman who learned to help and respect people from her hardworking parents, grandparents and teachers. As the oldest of 5 children she learned to care for others and developed problem-solving skills early.

In 1975, when she was 25, Rosalinda married for the first time. Though Rosalinda and Bruce looked like a perfect couple, were married in the church, and loved each other very much, the marriage ended in divorce 3 years later. She even married Bruce a second time. Bruce and Rosalinda tried marriage counseling, and could not learn what they needed to know about how to succeed in marriage love. She believes she and Bruce would have developed a lasting and profound marriage, and still be married for life, if they had been taught the skills Rosalinda has been teaching others since the mid-1980s.

Married For Life®, and various skill building courses such as her Marriage Intelligence: Relationship Splendor Skill Building, give men and women the skills to have lasting and profound love and business relationships. She also creates greater understanding between husbands and wives, and others who want to be the better person they can be in a relationship.

As a psychotherapist, LifeMentor and consultant, Rosalinda works with powerful and successful people, and those who want to be, to:

  1. Understand themselves better and develop stronger skills for relationships at work and at home.
  2. Identify and stop sabotaging behaviors, with kind and realistic goals.
  3. Be truly confident inside and feel deserving of their success.

Rosalinda is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.

In the early 1970s Rosalinda was an administrator at the University of Miami for the MBA Program in the School of Business Administration. In the late 1970s she was the Research Administrator for their School of Engineering and Architecture.

In the mid-1970s Rosalinda was the Personnel Director for Southeast Bank’s Trust Company, N.A., and the national recruiter for Southeast Banking Corporation.

She has lectured and participated in training other professionals and organizations in conflict resolution, workplace violence, harassment, post-traumatic stress, addiction recovery, dissociation, trauma, relationship skill building, and other topics.

Rosalinda has appeared on NBC’s Extra Television Show, KCBS News, and radio.

Married For Life® is a Division of CEO LifeMentor®, Inc. CEO LifeMentor is an International mentoring and training company owned and presided over by Rosalinda O'Neill. CEO LifeMentor's Mission is to make Leadership, LifeBalance and Success less stressful and more profitable. We do this primarily for CEOs, senior executives, physicians, attorneys and CPAs. We also work with other men and women who want a successful life and don't want to constantly struggle, die and/or lose their families to achieve it.

We know it will always be tough at the top. We give you valuable tools so you will be as successful as you can be and are able to enjoy your life.

Our clients develop CEO, Management, and LifeBalance Intelligence. They achieve power, respect and understanding of successful relationship and strategy skills, and work and life balance.

We do this with respect for the demands on our clients and we do it quickly.
At CEO LifeMentor we keep client matters and client names confidential.
Click for more information about Rosalinda O'Neill's CEO LifeMentor Program.

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